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Join The Shutter Revolution!

Have you noticed the recent trend towards plantation shutters across the UK and wondered why so many people are making the switch to this from conventional window coverings?

Here are some of the reasons why people are making the change:

  • Shutters are stylish and a great addition to any property
  • They have timeless appeal, giving small rooms the feel of more space
  • Plantation shutters block out UV rays, keeping your rooms cooler in the summer
  • They help reduce heat lose through windows in the winter months
  • Shutters are low maintenance and offer maximum privacy when closed
  • They add value to your home
Plantation shutters are available in many different types of wood finish and style options to suit any window type; they also come in a varied range of colours and wood grain finish.

There is a common misconception that shutters are expensive; you are right, they are not the cheapest way to dress your window. Many people compare the price of shutters to the cost of standard conventional blinds. I would like to dispel this myth; shutters are indeed expensive against standard blinds, however they are an investment in your home and will last a lifetime when maintained well.

Why not get involved in the shutter revolution and opt for plantation shutters in your home!

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Simon Paul Shutters & Blinds, Top Dartford Rd, Swanley BR8 7SQ